The following are some comments left by people who have stayed with us.

If you are a previous resident and would like to, you can leave a comment here.

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  • I spent 10 weeks early 2012 at AOH and felt very welcomed, especially by Maggie! The room was comfortable and my neighbours all very friendly. Maggie was very helpful and generous and I can highly recommend staying at AOH if you come to Birmingham without knowing anyone - you will be sure to meet people in the common room!

    8th August 2012


  • I first stayed in Asbury Overseas House (AOH) in 2006 during my research visit to the University of Birmingham. I have since returned there again and again. I am really impressed with the improvements in the quality of the facility in recent years. I always notice one improvement or another each time I visit. The services have also been increasingly generous over these few years. Maggie and her team have transformed AOH. Some of us will miss her as she retires.

    9th March 2012

    Kehinde Olabimtan

  • I am a current resident at BISH Asbury and I can wholeheartedly say that I have been enjoying every single minute of my stay here ever since I moved in early this year.

    One of the things that I love about Asbury is the strong sense of community in the house. As a PhD student doing a solo research, my academic life can be very depressing with no one to talk to who can understand exactly what it is I am doing, which is why it is imperative that I do not feel isolated at my accommodation. Thankfully, not once have I ever felt being on my own during my residency, thanks to its perfect blend of international residents with whom I get along very well and many of whom are PhD students themselves.

    Support from the manager and the staff has been nothing but amazing, making me feel like they care about my welfare, which they really do. I always feel like I can swing by the main office and sit down with the staff to discuss my concerns comfortably.

    Typical amenities (laundry, ironing facility, bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, wash basins etc) are easily accessible within the house and on every floor. I have always found them to be in a clean and excellent condition (credits to the office cleaning operatives and the staff). There is also a common room on the ground floor, where everyone meets up and spends time together watching tv and throwing family parties. This gives the house a lively social character.

    I definitely see myself staying at Asbury until the completion of my PhD, as I believe that living here will only help me sail through my academic programme.

    20th February 2012


  • Unlike most people, I spent most of my childhood at WIH (then MIH), as my mum was the Manager there for 24 years...

    It's an amazing place that provided a home from home for so many people. We have the privaledge to still be in contact with many of the amazing people we met during those years and are lucky to count them as friends....

    The atmosphere is relaxed an suited to study but is also supportive and collarborative, meaning you will meet and befirend many interesting and lovely people.

    I hope you enjoy living here as much as I did :-)

    We have a face book site for former residents - please chcek it out, it would be great to hear about your good times at the house -

    7th August 2011

    Claire Osborne

  • Any foreign families, who want to enjoy the UK life and meet the good friends at safety, shall see and check this lovely house. I spent 2 and a hlaf years there. It was the one of my best choice in my life. I lve the peoples and neighbours there. I am still feeling the great ambience there. If you find the modern and cold house, you had better visit other places. ^_^

    Jay from South Korea.

    3rd January 2011

    Jayhyouk O

  • I love reading your site because you can always bring us new and cool stuff, I think that I ought to at least say thanks for your hard work.

    - Rob

    6th December 2010

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  • I lived at WIH (formerly MIH) for 4 years and left in 1980 (30 years ago) , I enjoyed the atmosphere so much and made many friends that I have encouraged / arranged my daughter to also live here hopefully for the 3 years' duration of her course . In fact my parents had stayed for a couple of days when visiting me here so she will be the third generation of our family who had stayed at WIH

    Benny (from Hong Kong)

    8th September 2010

    Benny So

  • My time at Asbury was good and fun. Good value for money, the place was clean and tidy. Great staff too

    8th June 2010


  • I have loved everything about Wesley, people are so friendly. I'll be sad to leave next Sunday...There could be no better place for combining studies and pleasure. I had a great time. Never a dull moment!!! I hope to see you again.


    29th April 2010

    Rosa Pezzullo

  • I have spent two years in Wesley. I think the people here are very nice and helpful. I especially want to thank the management team for making the house a better place to live. I will definitely come back in the future.

    Patrick, Hong Kong

    29th April 2010

    Patrick Chan

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